Hinds - Easy - Video

Hyped lo-fi rock newcomers HINDS have shared a music video for Easy, the latest single off their prasied debut Leave Me Alone. The clip itself is a quite messy situation as it not just feature a lot of running Mascara but also plenty of pasta but not in a pleasant way. The band describes the song in the following statement:

‘easy’ is the worst moment in the universe during a relationship cause you love him but he doesn’t anymore. And being in bed with him is giving him nightmares. And you are the hangover in his mornings, and the homework during the day and the pain in his arse. so when you reach that point you can’t help but self destruct. there is just nothing you can do, it’s too late to take it easy.

Don’t forget to read our interview feature with the lovely ladies from last fall before you check out the new video. Bon Appetit.