Hot Chip - Photo by Steve Gullick

Photo by Steve Gullick


The almighty ‘boss’ aka BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN recently turned 66 and if you managed to catch him live on stage during the recent years you can see that he cleraly coudn’t be further away from retirement. And it looks like the legendary Americna working class hero even inspired a band like British synthpop heroes HOT CHIP since Alexis Taylor and Co. now also covered his evergreen Dancing In The Dark.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because the clip itself is as 80s as possible and delivers a furious collage of lost TV shows from that decade. And just in case you were wondering – yes, programs like The Kids of Tomorrow and Deep Healing With Orian are straightly fictional and were made up for this clip. On top of it you get HOT CHIP performing the song live on stage which isn’t the worst thing either.

Anything Else?

As the ones of you with a certain pop musical knowledge might recognize the HOT CHIP version of Dancing In The Dark also features a snippet of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM‘s All My Friends right at the end. The track isn’t featured on this year’s studio album Why Make Sense? but will be part of a forthcoming new EP. You can also read our interview with the group from a few months ago as well.