Who doesn’t need somebody in the cold dark of the night? INCA definitely does as the line ‘I need somebody’ marks the key message of her new single Wake Me Up. Not much is known yet about the mysterious women of Peruvian and English descent. She’s currently travelling a lot between Spain and England and is also preparing her debut EP for later in 2015. The rest remains a mystery for now, just like it becomes a trend under a lot of up and coming artists.

INCA‘s first musical sign is a dreamy and dark piece of futuristic neo R&B for all those who can’t get enough of sinister FKA Twigs-like vibes. Gentle vocals, echoing in-between reduced beats, creating a feeling that is both – sensual but also a bit sad. You might have guessed it by now, it’s the perfect ‘Sound of the Night’ on this Monday. Witness it below.