Kasper Bjorke - 2014Time for some sensual and slow grooving synthetic beats tonight. Danish electronic producer KASPER BJØRKE returns with a brand new single called Rush. It’s the first teaser off the artist’s long awaited new album which will be released this fall. Last year he released his fancy compilation Remix Crusades about which we from NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION also talked with him back then.

But now is time for some new original material. Rush sees BJØRKE  teaming up with singer Tobias Buch. He’s usually part of hippie folk band THE LATE GREAT FITZCARRALDOS. It’s a band that KASPER BJØRKE signed back in his days as A&R at a Danish indielabel. So it’s partly about returning the favor but also about a perfectly fitting collaboration. Buch’s vocals fit perfectly on the soulful electronic beats of the producer. Just the right musical material for tonight.