We were very glad to finally hear back from German dream pop duo KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA a while ago. Especially in times likes these their name alone is a very welcome testament of paneuropean love. Add the vibe of their most current, once again darkly sparkling tune Once In July and you got yourself a wonderful reason to contemplate and sink in a world that’s driven by positive affection.

Now, singer Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann also share a video for Once In July. What else can we say but that it’s a piece of slow-burning beauty, centering around nostalgic feelings and strange encounters with your past self. A clip that, like Deniz Cicek hauls in her dark timbre, is somehow lost in time. Enjoy the exclusive premiere of the video right here.

KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA‘s third, still untitled record shall be out by February next year.