Lower Dens - Jana Hunter - Photo by Frank Hamilton

Photo by Frank Hamilton

There are only a few charismatic and distinguished female lead singers around the indie scene that really manage to stand out. Jana Hunter of LOWER DENS is such a character and Ondine, the latest single her band is another proof for that. The song unfolds its dark magic over a smooth grooving new wave beat with gentle guitars and a yearning singer on top of it. Who wouldn’t fall for Mrs. Hunter when she is pleading ‘I would treat you better?’ Ondine is a sweet and sinister little gem that makes us crave for the new album Escape From Evil even more. The third LOWER DENS full-length arrives on March the 30th via Ribbon Music.

Whether you are alone tonight or in company: this song will help you get through the darkness as it spreads a maximum amount of solace. Listen to it right here.

Alternative video link right here.