M83 - Photo by Timothy Saccenti

Photo by Timothy Saccenti

Epicness ahead, ladies and gentleman. Shoegaze mastermind Anthony Gonzalez aka M83 is back with brand new material. Tonight the talented musician unleashes a new track called I Need You. And – what a surprise – it’s taken from another Hollywood blockbuster, the sci-fi movie Divergent. Last year Gonzalez also did an epic score for Oblivion as some of you might remember.

And I Need You is basically Gonzalez at his best. Haunting vocals, gentle electronic at the beginning and an epic second half. Of course it includes heavy drums and a saxophone solo. Why shouldn’t it? Maybe a new M83 album is also on its way – we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime fly directly to the stars with the premiere of I Need You right here (via BuzzFeed).