Marika HackmanYesterday some of us from NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION had the pleasure of attending a truly loveable concert by THE ANTLERS. By the way, that’s always a great event when you just love to let yourself fall into the power of music. One highlight last night was not just the main act but the wonderful and talented MARIKA HACKMAN. The Hampshire-born singer-songwriter delivered a great set as support act, full of tender and sweet acoustic tunes with an undeniable edgy note. It’s just that little something that gave it a little twist.

And what a lovely coincidence that Mrs. HACKMAN herself just released a new song today. The enigmatic Drown is the latest teaser of her anticipated debut album We Slept At Last which happens to get released next February. And judging from this little piece this might be an album to keep in mind next spring. For all those who’d like to drown with us in a sea of melancholia tonight – here is everything you need..