Metronomy - I'm Aquarius - VideoYes, we know. I’m Aquarius, the latest single by indie-pop heroes METRONOMY, is not entirely new. We all reported about it before and everyone might be aware by now that the band’s new album Love Letters and is set for a release on March the 10th in 2014. But still, this reduced piece marks perfect musical material for the dark of the night. It looks like the band of mastermind Joseph Mount is stripping things a bit more down after their successful 2011 longplayer The English Riviera. Back to basics. And the proof that you don’t need much to create a haunting atmosphere.

Today METRONOMY released a spaced out music video for the track. And when we say ‘space’ we actually mean it. If features Mount travelling to far off places, meeting the inhabitants of a strange new planet. And yes, cats are involved too. Get ready to discover Aquarius tonight.