Mogwai - Rave TapsGood news for all fans of Scottlands post-rock institution MOGWAI. Today the group announced their new album Rave Tapes for a release on January the 21st. It’s the follow-op to 2011’s Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will and its remix album A Wrenched Virile Lore which was released one year ago.

The new MOGWAI‘ record was produced by the band itself with help of Paul Savage, featuring ten brand new songs. One of them was already released today. Remurdered is the name of the tune that combines the best of the group’s past work with interesting fresh electronic aspects. Experience the new epic piece right here below the record’s tracklist.

01. Heard About You Last Night
02. Simon Ferocious
03. Remurdered
04. Hexon Bogon
05. Repelish
06. Master Card
07. Deesh
08. Blues Hour
09. No Medecine For Regret
10. The Lord Is Out Of Control