Neov - Woolen Pumpkin Shirt

People say you ain’t see a proper winter if you didn’t experience one in Finland. The air is told to way colder, the snow even whiter and thicker and a good glass of vodka even more lifesaving, we guess. Okay, enough stereotypes but on the positive side a winter in the Finnish countryside can be also quite fulfilling and peaceful. Just take the new NEØV music video, Woolen Pumpkin Shirt.

Set in the rough but stunning countryside of his hometown Kuopio frontman Anssi Neuvonen can be seen walking around in the winter wonderland as he tries to solve the mystery woolen pullover. Yes, no pumpkin shirt featured but it might have been a bit to cold for that. NEØV just released their highly recommendable second studio album Dominique and Woolen Pumpkin Shirt is one of its highlights. It’s like a little musical bonfire, it warms our hearts on such a cold winter night, no matter where exactly you are located.