Sharon van Etten streams new song ‘Just Like Blood’

Sharon van Etten - 2015 - cover

American songwriter/singer SHARON VAN ETTEN shared Just Like Blood, a new teaser off her upcoming EP I Don’t Want To Let You Down. The follow-up to last year’s acclaimed album Are We There? will be released on June 9 via Jagjaguwar. It will contain five new songs and also a guest appearance by THE WAR ON DRUGS‘ Adam Granduciel. You can stream the new SHARON VAN ETTEN piece over at

Panda Bear shares ‘Come To Your Senses’ video

panda bear 1

Noah Lennox aka PANDA BEAR has shared a music video for Come To Your Senses, a song off his latest album Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. The clip comes with a surprisingly simple concept as it just features a steady-cam-filmed shot of a street in Lisbon.

Lennox explained the concept to Gorilla Vs. Bear: ‘Rua da Rosa is the narrow but main street cut through the Bairro Alto neighborhood here in Lisbon. Visitors mainly stock the area during the day but its perhaps the principle target for partying Lisbon teenagers Thursday through Sunday nights. The constant shifts make it a particularly fascinating neighbourhood to me. Its noisy except for Sunday mornings. Id had an idea for a while to shoot the street for a bit to catch the traffic. When my friend Sam was here shooting a short thing we made for the recent album he was game to give the idea a go.’

Don’t forget to read our interview feature with the charismatic artist from earlier this year. Watch the new PANDA BEAR clip right now.

Sóley premieres ‘Halloween’ music video

Sóley - Photo by Brynjar Gunnarsson

Icelandic songwriter SÓLEY presents her new music video for Halloween, the latest single of her upcoming new album Ask The Deep. It features the artist in a haunting and dark setting which might make sense when you look at the track title, right? The follow-up to last year’s mini album Krómantik will be released on May the 8th via Morr Music. Watch the new SÓLEY clip right here.

Four Tet announces new album ‘Morning/Evening’


British electronic producer Kieran Hebden aka FOUR TET reports back with a new album called Morning/Evening this summer. He announced the release a couple of hours ago via Twitter. The follow-up to Beautiful Rewind from 2013 basically just features two tracks – Morning and Evening – both around 20 minutes long. The new FOUR TET record is planned for a July release. Here’s the tweet where Hebden presents the album’s artwork.