schoolboy q - 2013


Gangster rap is back! SCHOOLBOY Q steps out of the shadow of the “Man of the Year”.



Los Angeles based rapper SCHOOLBOY Q who is also a member of BLACK HIPPY (together with JAY ROCK, KENDRICK LAMAR and AB-SOUL) contributes with one of his songs to the new NBA Live 14 Soundtrack. Sports and music have always been two things that just belong together, and in case of basketball it simply is hip hop what belongs to the sport itself. With Man of the Year SCHOOLBOY Q definitely wrote a banger (or in this case the word “bouncer” might fit more… even if the word “bounce” is a really annoying and embarrassing one). The song features a sample great CHROMATICS sample and actually this is what makes the song worth to get named Sound of the Day. Soundwise Man of the Year is stunning and once heard you won’t get the song out of your head for hours. But the lyrics are somehow strange (to say it with nice words): “I see girls everywhere, titties, ass, hands in the air, it’s a party over here. Shake it for the man of the year.” However, in terms of lyrics you might like what is rapped. SCHOOLBOY Q‘s new album Oxymoroon is due out early 2014. Already now the rapper tells the world that Top Dawg Entertainment is more than just KENDRICK LAMAR: “What’s a fly to a bird? Homie, I could pitch you a curb let this real shit occur, make mills from a verse, watch me cop a crib in the ‘burbs. Homie, you ain’t said nothing but a word, smoke something for your nerves.” And with this SCHOOLBOY Q finally steps out of the shadow of the “Man of the Year”.

Gangster rap is back, and Q has the talent to make the music thrive. (Earmilk)

In case you missed it: a few days before SCHOOLBOY Q‘s song Man of the Year was released his BLACK HIPPY colleague KENDRICK LAMAR was named “Man of the Year” by GQ Magazine. A remarkable coincidence, right?

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