Photo by Frida Kärvegård

Who is it?

Two-piece WY introduced itself to us as ‘a sad-pop, post-rock, hyper-desperate/whatever duo from Sweden’ which turns out to be a way too accurate definition when you take a closer look at their latest single Bathrooms.

Why should you listen to it?

Fans of sinister shoegaze sadness in the style of COCTEAU TWINS and CIGARETTES AFTER SEX will feel home immediately. Bathrooms is a gloomy and partly sensual affair, carried by singer Ebba and her distinctive voice. The fact that the song is about self-doubt and the struggles of being a 20 year old makes it just as timeless as its sound implies

What’s next?

Following their debut EP Never Was from last year, Bathrooms marks a first teaser of the first full-length WY release Okay which will arrive this October via Hybris.

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