Listen up kids! 2016 might have been bad but 2017 will be better. Or worse. Depending on whether you like SLEAFORD MODS or not you can pick one side. The charismatic lads from Nottingham have now announced English Tapas, their new album and the first one being released on Rough Trade, arriving on March 3, 2017. It follows last year’s Key Markets and sees Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn reporting back for duty.

Williamson explains the title of the album with the following words

‘Andrew walked into some random pub and saw “English Tapas” scrawled on the menu board. Underneath this beautiful coupling of words were it’s components, half a scotch egg, cup of chips, pickle and a mini pork pie” It says everything about this fucking place. It’s comedy, it’s make do, it’s ignorant and above all, it’s shit.’

The shouting leader also announced the record in quite a unique style via this Facebook message. Find the artwork and tracklist below. The album’s cassette edition also includes Sleaford Mods Live at Dismaland 2015 with a download code of the live show only, alongside SLEAFORD MODS king size rizlas and a beermat. Don’t forget to read our 2015 interview feature with the group when they weren’t that famous like they are right now. A first single called B.H.S. is now also available for you to stream.


Sleaford Mods – ‘English Tapas’

01. Army Nights
02. Just Like We Do
03. Moptop
04. Messy Anywhere
05. Time Sands
06. Snout
07. Drayton Manored
08. Carlton Touts
09. Cuddly
10. Dull
11. B.H.S.
12. I Feel So Wrong


On top of it, the duo also announced Bunch of Kunst, a new feature length film by Christine Franz about the group. More information is arriving soon but here comes a first teaser.