In early 2018, British post-punk ruffians Shame released Songs Of Praise, one of the best debut albums of the decade and a lot has changed for them and all of us since that time. Now, almost exactly three years later Drunk Tank Pink, their anticipated sophomore studio album finally arrives. It’s more ambitious, even grittier but keeps the raw energy we’ve come to love about Shame. And it arrives in a slightly different world than its predecessor. The Covid pandemic happened and affected pretty much all of us but had a crucial impact on performing artists especially. And then the Brexit also happened. And the whole chaos in the United States. How do you make sense out of all this? We don’t know yet but we thought it would be nice to simply ask the band’s guitarist Eddie Green about his thoughts on some of the most urgent topics that are on 2021’s table and you can read his brief comments on the state of the world right here.

1. The goddamn Brexit

We’ve seen that it’s not going to work. It’s become a vanity project for those who instigated it, terrified to admit its countless flaws and undoubtedly ruinous outcomes. Anyway at least we got our fishing waters back hey?

2. Corona still going strong (and even mutating)

It wouldn’t have been 2020 if it didn’t end disastrously. At least it was consistent, that has to be said.

3. … but the vaccines are coming

The government have fucked it as badly as they fucked everything else. Potentially even worse because it’s the only route out of this. Get that in me arm.

4. Post corona PTSD

I’ve already got it. I had a dream that I was in a family zoom quiz the other night. We never even did quizzes when we could see each other? Why must we now?

5. The future of independent venues

Thankfully people have been quite galvanised in terms of action to support independent venues like the windmill, and substantial amounts of money have been raised to save such a vital institution. Unfortunately some venues haven’t been as lucky.

6. First Shame show post Corona

We did one it was a 30cap socially distanced show at the windmill, and it was great. I can’t imagine how playing to a genuinely full room will feel. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it.

7. Fellow release day buddies Sleaford Mods

Sleafords are great and it’s nice to be in good company on this release week. Everything I’ve heard of the record so far is amazing. I wonder if I’ll be as complimentary about it after the chart positions are announced. No comment on the IDLES beef, were matey with both bands so we’ll try to keep it that way!

8. Drunk Tank Pink finally being out

It feels weird bringing out a record that’s pretty different, and to think that in most people’s heads we still sound like Songs of Praise. It makes it exciting now that there’s already a preconception of our sound, so any reaction to that will be interesting, whether it’s positive or negative.

9. Slowthai, the new UK superstar?

I don’t know a huge amount about him but he seems to be heading that way.

10. Biden & Harris taking over the White House

Of course, any change from the current situation is good, but as we’ve seen in recent news it won’t be a peaceful transition, because Trump has legitimised and given a platform to radicalism. I truly hope America stabilises itself in some way.

11. Angel Merkel stepping down in September

I hope our German friends and fans feel some relief that she’s retiring (probably).

12. UEFA Euro in June

Will it happen. Who knows … pass me my Crystal ball

13. New talented artists to look out in 2021

Big in to New Dad from Galway, really impressed with their self produced debut Blue. Also keep an eye on San Akpro.

The fabulous second Shame LP Drunk Tank Pink is out January 15 via Dead Oceans and they will be (hopefully) on tour later this year.