Sleaford Mods - Press

Recently NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION took the 20th anniversary of OASIS‘ acclaimed debut Definitely Maybe to discuss the death of British working class music. While we haven’t really decided about its ultimate fate it looks like the patient isn’t quite healthy as well. But thank god there’s bands like Nottingham’s SLEAFORD MODS who prove that this special form of British music is still vital and ready to knock you off your feet once again.

Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn are just the sort of duo we’ve been waiting for. Rough, direct and snotty. A straight language from two British lads who don’t like compromising, it seems. SLEAFORD MODS just released their new album Divide And Exit. It’s full of little lo-fi anthems, anger and frustration. It could be the start of something big, something the world of music desperately needs. We wish these two guys just the best. Check out Tied Up In Nottz right here.