Soak - Blud - Video


18 year old Bridie Monds-Watson alias SOAK is one of the most promising talents in the contemporary field of female singer/songwriter. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION was blown away by her performance at this year’s Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival and it seems like the young lady just gets better with every new song she’s releasing. The pure honesty and her authentic character make the difference. She doesn’t look and act like your usual pop star. She doesn’t want to be FLORENCE or LYKKE LI and that is a really lovely thing to do these days.

Why Should I Watch This?

First of it… Blud, the latest single of her anticipated debut album Before We Forgot How To Dream, is another great proof of her talent. Barely three minutes long but packed with pure tenderness. And the video fits perfectly to the song as well. It shows various scenes of SOAK‘s daily life in her hometown Derry in Northern Ireland. Witness her go-karting, fooling around with friends, dogs, relatives and playing in front of a small audience in a skater park. Yes, she’s a skater girl as well. Later we’re heading to London for more adventures. But no matter what she’s doing, you can feel the authenticity in it from start to finish. That’s the sort of ‘girl next door’ you’d like to hang around with.

Anything Else?

A new featured interview with SOAK arrives soon on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, so keep your eyes open. Before We Forgot How To Dream arrives on June the 1st via Rough Trade. Just in time to be played around bonfires all over the world this summer, don’t you agree?