The Boxer Rebellion - PromisesA few days after British indie rock band THE BOXER REBELLION retrurned in form of their enjoyable new music video Diamonds, the four-piece from London now officially confirmed the release of their fourth longplayer. And it will happen quicker than we expected. Promises is up for a release on May 14 via the group’s own label Absentee Records, including eleven new songs by the band around frontman Nathan Nicholson. The impressive image to your left is the record’s artwork.

For the recording sessions THE BOXER REBELLION took to their London rehearsal space and transformed it into a recording studio where the songs for Promises would eventually come together over the last 18 months. We’re looking forward to the follow-up for The Cold Still from 2011. Watch the tracklist right here and catch the video for Diamonds below.

01. Diamonds
02. Fragile
03. Always
04. Take Me Back
05. Low
06. Keep Moving
07. New York
08. Safe House
09. You Belong To Me
10. Dream
11. Promises