The Hics - TangleReduction is the key in music at the moment. Especially when you pair it with soulful music. JAMES BLAKE and THE XX have been there a while ago and this year we experienced the beautiful sounds of mysterious duo RHYE. And with the London six-piece THE HICS we might have the next big thing in this row. And they are big by being quite simple. And by having such stunning lead singers like Roxane Barker and Sam Evans. Together with the other musicians they create a dark but tender 21st century version of soul.

THE HICS are doing everything by themselves – the whole writing, recording and producing. Tangle is the lead track from the band’s upcoming EP that goes by the same name. Its going to be released on August the 19th and if the rest of it is as tremendous as this tune we’re pretty sure that these young British folks have a bright future. Tangle is NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION’s sound of the night today. And you might get a sense why we chose it.