Tiger LouNow this is a news the NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION staff has been desperately waiting for. It looks like Swedish indie-rock band TIGER LOU is back for good and working on the first new material since 2008’s record A Partial Print. Furthermore the band will play two shows in Sweden this winter. One in Göteborg at the Pustervik on November 29th, the other one in Stockholm at the Debaser Medis on December 21st.

Frontman Rasmus Kellerman on the sort-of comeback: “These past years I’ve been writing music for different projects, very consciously steering away from TIGER LOU territory, only to to end up at the very place I started. It’s time to come full circle I guess. The tone, my voice, the ambiance and soundscape, the rhythm, the je ne sais quoi of it all, has always been the fat ass elephant in whatever which room I was in. It is a skin I can not shed and a cross I genuinely love to bear. I see that know. Plain and simple. Life is too short and if you find something you like doing, best keep doing it till you can’t do it no more.”

What a statement. TIGER LOU also started recording new music but has no plans yet when to release it. After the bands temporary split Kellerman recorded a solo album in 2010 and released a new track called Ribbons with his project NEO NEO earlier this year. We’ll definitely keep you updated on this and enjoy a classic in the meantime..