Trails And Ways - LostCreating a good cover version is always a challenge, that much is for sure. What always helps to give it a special note is to include a few new elements in it. Beloved Californian indie-pop group TRAILS AND WAYS is quite famous for doing so. They told NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in an interview earlier this year: “I think all the fun is in the conversation you have with the original, how you get into it and honor and defy it.”

And after already covering songs by M83 and MIIKE SNOW they did it again with Lost by r’n’b star FRANK OCEAN. And by singing the verses in Spanish and keeping the chorus in English TRAILS AND WAYS definitely give that smooth tune a new perspective. They also keep the sunny vibe, something they are quite good in. Only one reason why they opened our free summer sampler this year. And on a cold autumn day like today this really is the perfect sound of the day. Join us right here for it.