VÖK - Photo by Eygló Gísla

VÖK – Photo by Eygló Gísla

Icelandic electronic act Vök was formed in January 2013 by singer Margrét Rán and saxaphone player Andri Már Enoksson. After two years of working together they felt it was time to introduce themselves to the public ear – as VÖK. The introduction was successful. The first concert ever was at the prestigious Icelandic music experiments which they even won. Since then Margrét Rán and Andri Már Enoksson played many of Icelands biggest festivals. In summer 2013 they introduced guitarist Ólafur Aleksander to the fold. And so the duo grew to a trio. One thing is for sure: the future looks bright for this young and upcoming band. At this year’s SPOT Festival NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION sat down with Enoksson. Let us introduce you to: VÖK. Probably your new favourite Icelandic electronic music act.

SPOT is a starting point for what comes next: so what are your plans?
Our next move is to continue writing new material for our upcoming, debut LP. Of course we want to keep playing and we’ll be at a couple of festivals in the coming months such as Frigg Festival in Copenhagen this week and The Secret Solstice here in Iceland in June. Other than that we’ll just wait and see what happens.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?
How do you feel when you just had a good cry? That sums up half of our mood then other might be when you’re feeling giddy over something.

What is your main motivation when you write new songs?
Writing and composing is such a good way to ventilate any frustrations, sadness or to express joy. We usually bond to a certain type of atmosphere that a beat gives off, so if the mood is right at the time the motivation comes from within. There are many different places we love to sit and compose and one of our favorites is a summer house in the country where Iceland’s nature just compels us to write.

Would you rather whisper or shout for the rest of your life?
I already shout most of the time so I think Margrét wants me to whisper from now on.

Would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon?
Be a dragon cause then I could fly and burn shit I don’t like.

If you’d have to choose: which of your senses would you rather lose?
How would we know when to stop wiping if we were blind…? Our greatest inspiration comes from experiencing different feelings so we could NOT lose that and definitely not tasting cause we’re food lovers! I think definitely the smelling, cause if I would lose my hearing I would miss what I love most but on the other hand one of the best composers of all time was deaf (i.e Beethoven) but that’s another story.

The music & culture industry is currently about to redefine itself. Do you feel like being completely and utterly at the its mercy, or should things be seen as a chance for artists?
Open source material has for a long time proved to be much more rewarding in other areas such as science and industry, and I believe that much more talented artists are discovered because of this change, so yes it is definitely a good chance for some artist!