Happy release day to VÖK! The Iceleandic chill-dance trio are back with a new record, their highly anticipated new album In The Dark, which is being released out into the big bad world today. You might have already seen them perform it live, if you’re based in central Europe and caught them on their tour of the continent’s middle over the past few months. We certainly did, and when the trio were in Leipzig we caught up with them for a few questions.

‘I was at this kebab place the other day, and this guy came up and was like ‘Oh my god, I loved you in Pirates Of The Caribbean’. That’s just one of the remarkable answers you can look forward to in VÖK‘s attempt to get to grips with our quick fire questions, and you can watch the whole thing below. Don’t forget to give the new record a spin and catch these folks on tour the next time they are near you.

VÖK’s new album In The Dark is out now on Nettwerk.