Volcano Choir - Tiderays - VideoSometimes a simple video clip idea can unfold quite a lot of magic when all the single elements line-up to one great piece of art. In the case of the new VOLCANO CHOIR music video Tiderays this actually happened. As you might know the band is a collaboration between BON IVER singer Justin Vernon and post-rock group COLLECTION OF COLONIES OF BEAS. Their sophomore album Repave was released over one year ago but this lately arriving new video is a great reason to remember the stunning quality of the album itself.

VOLCANO CHOIR teamed up with directors Kyle Buckley and Andi Woodward and joined the ‘551’ project that brought over 100 artists together to produce five music videos for five local bands in Milwaukee, WI. The result is a hypnotizing combination of visuals, dancing and the emotional music of the band. It’s just a quite satisfying watching experience, we must say. Witness it right here.