When Saints Go Machine - Infinity PoolDanish wave pop band WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE has announced their third studioalbum. The follow-up to the successful Konkylie from 2011 is called Infinity Pool and will be released on May 20 in Europa and one week later in North America. In last year’s interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION the band from Copenhagen already hinted a few new ideas for the album. Also on the record included is Mannequin, their stand-alone single from 2012.

And what you see to the left is the actual artwork for the album and a first trailer for it already hints that WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE might have played a lot of Mid 1990s video-games. Watch the trailer below the record’s tracklist.

01. Love And Respect feat. Killer Mike
02. Infinity Killer
03. Iodine
04. Yard Heads
05. System Of Unlimited Love
06. Mental Shopping Spree
07. Degeneration
08. Mannequin
09. Order
10. Webs
11. Deadboy
12. Slave To The Take In Your Heaven