William Fitzsimmons - 2016

Gentle singer/songwriter WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS shares a new music video for Hear Your Heart, a song off his upcoming mini LP Charleroi: Pittsburgh Volume 2. And the nostalgic music video is entirely based on a nostalgic feeling and the general question ‘How long does the echo of those we have lost last?’ Mr. FITZSIMMONS on the video and song:

‘I remember being very affected the first time I read Poe’s ‘Tell Tale Heart.’ Instead of being mortified by it, the idea that the dead can communicate with us from beyond the grave was somehow comforting. While Poe’s intent was meant to be one of warning, I wanted to apply the idea to a feeling of hope. A wish that perhaps regretted words spoken could be undone, or unsaid words could eventually be said. As we are drawn back into the memories of our dearly departed, in words and images, we imagine that perhaps there is a chance the lines of communication are not totally lost and may someday be reopened.’

The new record will be released on April the 1st. Watch the Hear Your Heart video below and don’t forget to also catch our really entertaining interview with the man from 2014.