The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about Berlin’s sweet By the Lake Festival is ‘Love’… that might sound a bit cheesy but it definitely defines best what the organizers (the folks of web radio The Lake, including members Efterklang & Liima) are heading for. It’s love for the music, love for discovering new sounds, love for the artists, for each other, for different cultures and also love for the audience. You’ll immediately sense that when entering the Strandbad Weißensee on a – hopefully – sunny Saturday on August the 4th. You can enjoy the beach, good food, cold drinks, go for a swim, rent a canoe, listen to a few live radio shows via little boomboxes and – well, of course, enjoy the handpicked line-up. In a time when we tend to forget about the power of love an open-minded event like this is much needed and that’s only one reason why NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is supporting it once again in 2018. Well, you know us: we’d love to spread the love around people and this is going to be a joyful day. One of my most memorable moments was witnessing Liima’s Casper Clausen back in 2016 who was dancing around to dream pop legends Laid Back while smiling like a big child, being obviously quite proud about this booking clou. That’s the sort of love you’re going to experience here.

Once again, the line-up of By the Lake Festival 2018 turned out to be as individual as it is adventurous. The four picked acts to perform bring exotic vibes to the Strandbad Weißensee in all of its diverse beauty. Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost aka A Hawk And A Hacksaw are travelling the world with their sound since 2004, telling stories via odd folk gems that are inspired by everything they come across on their journeys. Yes, this is so called ‘world music’ but without all the lame clichés. Straight outta Ghana arrives African rap legend Ata Kak whose story is one of a late bloomer. Orinially released via tape in his home country in 1994 the album Obaa Sima was found by music enthusiast and ‘Awesome Tapes From Africa’ label owner Brian Shimkovitz eight years later by accident. It took a few more years but after two decades it was finally released worldwide and a new generation got introduced to the high energy sound of mastermind Yaw Atta-Owusu. Trust me, this is going to be a party pleasure. And what goes best with African rap? Right, German krautrock! Yes, the iconic faUSt will also make an appearance at the event, debuting a brand new choir-based project to the audience. Last but not least Algerian tuareg rockers Imarhan will bring their funky and psychedelic sound to the cosy stage, making this ‘all around the world’ approach of the festival’s sound even more consequent. Enjoy these vibes right here and find all ticket information below. See you in Berlin this summer, right?

By the Lake Festival 2018

Date: Sunday, August 4, 2018

Venue: Strandbad Weißensee, Berliner Allee 155, 13088 Berlin

Line-Up: Ata Kak, faUSt, Imarhan, A Hawk and a Hacksaw

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