It’s pretty much impossible to talk about Iceland’s ever vital music scene of the past twenty years without mentioning Örvar Smárason at least once. The songwriter and producer released roughly twenty albums with his musical projects, most famously via his bands múm and FM Belfast. Aside from that Smárason is also an acclaimed poet and writer. So, he’s a notoriously busy man but after all this time of ongoing musical partnerships with other creative minds, it’s about time for Örvar Smárason to step into the limelight. And that light is liquid.

‘Light Is Liquid’ / Out May 18

On May 18, the Icelandic composer will release is solo debut called Light Is Liquid via Morr Music. The songs have been written over the past few years, most of them before his other most recent project, a really wonderful collaborative album together with former Seabear members Sin Fang and Sóley. But besides being a solo album the gentleman can obviously still rely on the help of his Icelandic creative gang. Sin Fang ended up mixing Light Is Liquid while Sóley sings backing vocals on a few tracks. Other guests include Sillus and the wonderful JFDR. The album itself might feel a bit like android pop music but Smárason makes sure that there’s still a lot of human influence in it. He describes the LP in the following words to us:

‘Light is Liquid was an intoxicating album to make. So much that sometimes after spending long sessions on it in the studio I felt like I had forgotten how to walk normally or talk like a human. And I loved to indulge myself, to fully dive into it and let myself channel the music I needed to shake out.’

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is more than happy to debut Photoelectric today, a first track from the album which also works as its opening piece. Tender electronic structures await the listener, showing the artist’s skills for mixing dreamy sounds and profound songwriting. Join us for this tender ride right here.