Recently German songwriter Felix Räuber returned to the music scene, ten years after the chart-topping success of his former dream pop band Polarkreis 18. The epic Wall already introduced us to a new world of sound that is aiming to break the remaining boundaries between classic music, pop and a contemporary electronic approach. The second solo single Every Motion takes this idea even further and we’re quite thrilled to debut the track along with its powerful music video today on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

Every Motion deals with the conflict between closeness and distance in relationships and the music video underlines that story in haunting images. In the clip which Räuber directed together with Nora Otte the the boundaries between connection and self-destructive love are presented and explored in the form of choreography. Using a mirror as a metaphor to recognize yourself in the partner really helps to bring that conflict to life.

The sound is yet another evoution in Felix Räuber‘s musical cosmos as Every Motion is even complexer than its predecessor, delivering unexpected yet quite haunting twists over the course of these almost five minutes. It’s an adventurous affair, we must say and it makes us really excited for the man’s debut EP which is expected to arrive later in 2018. You can grab this new single right here. First tourdates can also be found below the new clip.