Formerly known as the front man of the German pop band Polarkreis 18, Felix Räuber is now working on his solo project, releasing his debut EP WALL back in 2018. A follow-up EP that goes by the name ME has just been released and on its latest release Burning Sky he is once again bending musical boundaries of where classical music ends and where pop begins. While fusing synth effects with carefully arranged piano tunes, he explores struggles with gender boundaries. The single comes with the stormy intensity of a passionate musician who has found an outlet for his struggles and angers.

Likewise, the video provocatively displays the struggle between genders inside of the artist’s body and soul. A confident and courageous statement to Transgender identity sung with tender vocals. In between fragility and unstoppable confidence, Felix Räuber uses the butterfly as a symbol of breaking free from the ties of gender conformity, digging up the question of what it means to be male or female, and what the hell it even matters in the end. Amidst of raging orchestral piano melodies he passionately confronts and expresses his inner tensions.

Felix Räuber is an inspiration for anyone who is struggling with identity crisis. He passes on the important message, that there is a place in the world for everybody out there. Burning Sky is not only a musically impressive work, but a song with an urgent and personal message. It needs to be spread across the globe to take a little bit of weight off the shoulders of the ones struggling with these issues. Let’s let them know that in the end we are all human. Check out his new EP ME and don’t forget to catch the charismatic musician on tour – dates can be found below.