Today’s video premiere looks like a one of these lost treasures from the golden era of 60s music television broadcasts, laying in the archives for years, beamed through time and space, just to show up right now in 2017. It sounds that way as well but it’s indeed the freshest single from Toronto’s easy listening chansonnier Marker Starling, a.k.a. Chris Cummings, f.k.a. Mantler. Some of you might remember him from his joint venture with German synthpop outfit Von Spar a few years back.

Playin’ Along is a Marker Starling song already released in 2004 and firstly recorded in 1999. As if this wouldn’t be enough time traveling, the Canadian decided to top the whole remake with a beautiful black and white video shot on a betamax cam showing these unique vibes between chamber pop, bossa nova sounds and lounge music which isn’t 60s, 70s or 80s but truly timeless. The artist about the artistic intention of the clip

‘The vibe is that of a sixties television special as seen from somewhere in deep space after being beamed across the cosmos, presumably by aliens.’

And that sums it up pretty well. Next to the musician himself, the video features a bunch of fellow musicians as well as Starling’s long time producer Zack G stuffed in anachronistic turtlenecks and giant collars that compiled the look of the video. The gentleman’s really lovely new album album Anchors and Ampersands is scheduled for November 24 on Tin Angel Record and you are happily invited to give your Wednesday a soulful twist right here.