After her 2017 self-titled album, Mira Aasma returned earlier this year with the otherworldly power of her single Witches. And while Witches was a standalone single, she’s on the comeback trail with a longer release. Her EP Nighttime Memos will arrive at the end of November, with the lead single Sunday arriving last month. And now she’s got a video for Sunday, which we can premiere-present for you her today.

If Witches saw Aasma draw on one supernatural source for inspiration, there’s a little of that in a different way on Sunday. The song’s slow, graceful swing, choral chanting and the saxophone that lends it a little flash of similarity to David Bowie‘s Blackstar gives Sunday a sort of sense of pagan spirituality, a energy from another space. The video, filmed over the summer in Sweden, also leans into that vibe, with plenty of dancing, nature and sun. Aasma says:

‘I wanted the video to be born in the same simple way that the whole EP was; with a simple casio synth and the microphone of my headphones, later on processing it but keeping it close and simple. Borrowed a hand-held camera from work and carried it around during the extremely hot summer in Sweden.
Trying to capture the moments when you’re inside everything – the joy, the love, an ode to all my beautiful friends – and then the ones while you’re watching it all from outside – the lonesomeness, the melancholy – but still with a glint in your eye. Sunday is just about that contrast and I think I somehow managed to calm myself down from that through making music and visuals about it. Made the video all by myself too through YouTube tutorials which was fun, it took me back to when I first started out producing music.’

Sunday is out now, and Mira Aasma’s Nighttime Memos EP is out on November 30 on Birds.