We get ever closer to the release of Misty Coast‘s new album. The Norwegian duo’s second release, Melodaze, is on the way in January, and after the release of the first single from it, Eleven Months, back in October, they’re now back with another. Little Sister sees the band lean into their shoegaze side, with Linn Frøkedal’s vocals floating gracefully over a sludgy, grungy sea of fuzz, sliced up by little lighting bolt guitar riffs. That mix of air and grit is always what made Misty Coast songs special, and Little Sister also comes with one of their best choruses yet.

The song also comes with a video, of which we’ve got the premiere today. The visuals for Little Sister sees the band’s images transported into a trippy, hallucinogenic swirl of colours and shapes. Of both song and video,  Frøkedal says:

‘The song is about people who think they know-it-all, and dreamers who can’t get their heads out of the clouds. Oslo-based artist Steph Hope totally got the trippy vibe of Little Sister, and created this gorgeous animation to visualise the music. It’s a perfect match – dressing our little daydream in vivid colours and mesmerising movement’

Little Sister is out now, and Melodaze arrives on January 25 on Brilliance