We’ve been long-term fans of Icelandic trio Vök here, so the news that they’re well along on the new album trail is very good news. A couple of weeks back, they dropped their third new single of 2018, Spend The Love, the third of the campaign for their newly-announced album In The Dark, due out this March. And today we’ve got the premiere of the lyric video for Spend The Love for you right here on NBHAP.

The songs released so far from the new record suggest Vök are moving into a more rhythmic, muscular groove than their explored on their debut Figure, and Spend The Love follows in that trend. It’s a big-hitting song, with heavy pulsing beats that lean almost into house or old-school disco. Singer Margrét Rán says

‘Originally written to be a ‘gay’ anthem song, Spend The Love is our new dance song which tackles the theme of anti-consumerism. There is a humour in it and a hypocrisy. We thought it was ideal to release it prior to the holiday season! Spend your love, not your money!’

Whereas back in the old days lyrics videos were just text on a screen and not much else, today they’re almost as much of an event as any other video, and Vök‘s new one is no exception. Dan Willers from Yellow Mouse Studios has animated the band, with their avatars owning the screen while the lyrics pound in and out of sight, synced to the beat. Willers says:

‘I had great fun putting together this dynamic visualiser for the band. I created stylised illustrations and used them as a backdrop for the lyrics. I then animated them to the rhythm of the track whilst timing the lyrics to appear when sung. I chose the colour palette from the original artwork supplied, which I also used for the opener and closer for the video’

Spend The Love is out now, and In The Dark arrives on March 1 on Nettwerk.