Back in July talented newcomer Tara Nome Doyle first caught our attention with her haunting debut single Down With You and it looks like that tune wasn’t a lucky shot at all. Her second single Milk And Honey underlines the high amount of quality we’re dealing with here. It’s a tender and sensual ballad about the hidden beauty of everyday life, carried by her distinctive voice that lets you easily forget that the Berlin-based artist with Norwegian-Irish roots is only 20 years old.

Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION debuts the accompanying music video for Milk And Honey which was directed by Sonja Stadelmaier. Tara Nome Doyle‘s presence is undeniable and if you need another argument to follow her first career moves you’ll find it right here. Her first EP is set to be released this autumn, a debut album will hopefully arrive next spring. Here’s to a bright future!