If you’ve been following our hand-picked Daily Tune suggestions on a regular basis you might be aware of Bergen-based The Other End as we stumbled upon their haunting debut single only last month. Ever since than the maginficent track called Far From Home is giving us goosebumps on a regular basis, thanks to the wonderful reduced instrumentation and its honest appeal. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the world premiere of the accompanying music video in which Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik continue to keep things as simple and efficient as possible.

The one-take-clip was shot outside at Bergenhus Fortress in Bergen only two weeks ago, with the help of the duo’s producer Iver Sandøy and Eivind Kåset of EKTE FILM. The basic approach was also intended by The Other End as the two told us:

‘The video is shot in one take, no gimmicks. We kept it simple and true to our format. Just the two of us, our instruments, a cameraman and an audio engineer.’

Obviously, a song like Far From Home benefits from that. If you like what you are hearing don’t forget that The Other End will release their self-titled debut EP on March 16. And since we already had the pleasure of listening to it we can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.