As you might remember we heavily fell in love with Bergen-based duo The Other End at the beginning of the year thanks to their mesmerizing single Far From Home and the following debut self-titled debut EP. It was one of those rare moments that immediately felt like the birth of a great new band. And today we are finally happy to welcome Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik back with a brand new single called Sleepwalking that delivers all the strength that made us fall in love with these two in the first place: Knoph-Solholm’s haunting voice and profound songwriting, all embedded with in a reduced yet very effective musical cosmos. About their new song the duo says:

‘Sleepwalking is a song about feeling like you exist in your own bubble, watching the world around you unfold and the people passing by. It’s about observing life around you, but not feeling like you are taking part in what is happening, although you are present.’

It’s great to see that The Other End didn’t fall for the old ‘everything’s gotta sound bigger’ mistake right here but pick up where they left with their first releases. Sleepwalking is the perfect melancholic material for cold winter days and we surely can’t wait for more material from these two in 2019.