With Dissolve British songwriter Emily Underhill and her alter ego Tusks released one of the finest debut albums of 2017 so you can consider us (and yourself) more than happy to have her back with a follow up this summer. Avalanche is the name of her new record that arrives on June 14 and today NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to exclusively unleash a first track from it called Peachy Keen.

According to Underhill the track is a sarcastic response to sexism that was written when she read about the recent ‘upskirting bill’ that was blocked by one MP named Christopher Chope. Speaking about her anger she says: ‘This guy’s track record is just so ridiculous. Anything that threatens white, middle class male power, he votes against. I wanted to ask, how can you be happy when you’re such a dick?’ Well, nothing to add here, that much is for sure. It’s the perfect track to welcome an edgier sound to Tusks‘ musical cosmos. Avalanche will be a ‘more upbeat, more positive, a happier and more energetic record than the last one,’ as she confirms. There’s also a confident new ‘fuck-it’ attitude that surrounds Avalanche and luckily Underhill’s songwriting and her sense for atmosphere is still pretty much on point. Please convince yourself right here with the haunting dark magic of Peachy Keen.

Avalanche arrives on June 14 via One Little Indian/ Indigo/ Believe.