Seven Songs - AestridJust in case your aren’t familiar yet with Dutch post-punk band AESTRID – make sure you will be in the not so far future. Their new album BOX is full of interesting musical pieces with are as dark as they are intense. From Krautrock to No Wave – the band from Utrecht is full of surprises. And the same can be said about their musical influences. NOHTING BUT HOPE AND PASSION asked the band to share some of their favourites with us. And what a surprise – the mixture is quite diversified and full of long forgotton pop classics.

So, without further ado here come the band’s personal ‘Seven Songs’ selection.


01. TEARS FOR FEARS – “Shout”

I’m six years old and I see myself standing before the television. I stood there totally hypnotized for 5 minutes with my hands on the screen. That must have been my call. My choice was made. Making music it was.


02. NEW ORDER – “Regret”

Regret made me pick up the guitar and play it like NEW ORDER did, which is not the most conventional way of playing. Their melodies struck me in a time when Grunge was the new cool thing to listen to. Not me, I got stuck somewhere with THE CURE and other post-punk bands. I was the weirdo in high school listening to 80’s bands, I never minded that. It was my little bubble and it felt good & save.


03. MOTORPSYCHO – “The nerve tattoo”

MOTORPSYCHO changed my life the first time I saw them live. The mighty sound of the thundering bass that made your bones rattle, drums that hit your chest so hard that it would almost take your breath and the guitar melodies that just cut through your soul so deep. It was magical. I remember that I felt the concrete floor underneath my feet vibrate caused by the deep droning basses. An overwhelming show that I’ll never forget.


04. KATE BUSH – “Cloudbusting”

KATE BUSH learned me to create a world in a world, something to escape to when your life isn’t where you would like it to be. I grew up next to a factory and Cloudbusting reminds me a lot of that time.


05. DAVID SYLVIAN – “Dobro #1”

[youtube id=”-wmEgBLFqHA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

This particular song warms my heart. David Sylvian made me see that your voice shouldn’t always be dictated by the chords your play, but that you can make it work the other as well. His lush timing is one of things that really influenced my guitar playing in the past couple of years.


06. ELLIOTT SMITH – “King’s Crossing”

A true hero. His talent was in every song, but it was also his own downfall at the same time. A world within a world. All those beautiful chord changes… RIP Elliott…


07. FUGAZI – “Turnover (Live)”

When I feel down I watch FUGAZI and my day is good again. Their energy, focus and determination means everything to me and it keeps inspiring to hear their story and the way they released their music.