Buckle up, boys and girls as you are about to hop on a special musical journey with beloved newcomer Brooke Bentham. We’ve been following the young lady for a while now and are truly in love with her freshly released debut album Everyday Nothing which we described as the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming spring season. It’s a testament of skill und pure emotional power and if you haven’t experienced it yet we kindly advice you to take a closer look at her music. And since we are so much in love with Bentham‘s work we kindly asked her to share some of her personal favourites with us and here they come in form of a very special playlist on our Spotify.

Our Roadtrip Playlist was designed to proved uplifting songs by some of our favourite artists in order to keep the listener in motion. It’s obviously not one for fast drivers because nobody needs these kind of people on the road. Actually, you don’t even need an actual car to enjoy this selection. However, in the case of Brooke Bentham‘s mix it is directly inspired by the street as she explains to us: “These are my top songs that I usually play in the car when I’m in a car.” She continues: “It’s mostly catered to late night, dreamy drives but I think there’s a lot of nice morning tunes in there too.” Her fabulous selection includes classics from Bob Dylan, The Smashing Pumpkins and Suicide but also some indie gems by Destroyer, Damien Jurado and Big Thief. And just like her album this turned out to be a great soundtrack for the upcoming warmer days. Please note that Brooke Bentham’s selection has now merged with our own picks, creating a mighty 100-track long version of the Roadtrip Playlist playlist.