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Release-Date: 18.08.2014
Label: Bella Union

01. Razor’s Edge
02. Tomorrow’s Here Today
03. Walk On
04. Blood Is the Brine
05. 7′ Sensei
06. I Got Sol
08. Chariot
09. Only The Wicked
10. Don’t Stop Dreaming

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5


What are we celebrating?

Life, excess, endless possibilities. CELEBRATION deliver uplifting and complex but still quite catchy psychedelic pop-rock with soul appeal.

What the hack is an ‘Albumin’?

It’s the membrane inside of an egg and a metaphor for the band’s musical world, ranging from relaxed little pop gems to progressive anthems.

Lack of definition

Albumin is everything. Dirty blues rockers and gentle little pop melodies go hand in hand, all led by the distinctive voice of Katrina Ford.


CELEBRATION’s ‘Albumin’ is an ode to their own non-conformance in form of a highly diversified mixture of progressive psychedelic soul-rock, making it a challenging album experience.