Alright, girls and boys: It’s the sunny season and as you know we are approaching the annual summer break on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION which will gives us – hopefully – a bit time to enjoy the sunshine as well. As you should also know we got the really enjoyable ‘Smooth Summer Day’ Playlist over at our Spotify Profile, featuring carefully picked gems from the field of dreamy indie, laidback folk and chilled-out electronica.

And if you need another reason to make this one a priority in your personal playlist ranking we surely got the perfect one. DJ SUPERMARKT aka the gentleman behind the bloved Too Slow To Disco sampler and party series added an extra portion of his famous magic to the playlist by adding 30 tracks to it, right at the end of our selection – from NED DOHENY to LAMBCHOP. Here’s what he got to say about his picks:

‘My selection includes all kinds of songs with a nice, laid-back, warm Westcoast late 70s / early 80s vibe, like we are trying to find for the Too Slow To Disco compilations. But this time the artists are from 1976 up until now, 2017. It’s a universal, timeless sound, this is bottled sunshine!’
Aside from the expected retro material the more contemporary songs by PHOENIX, POOLSIDE, DESTROYER and CHILLY GONZALES fit quite well into the overall vibe of this one. So, our professional tip for you: Start with DJ SUPERMARKT‘s picks, continue with ours and let the entire 9 hours of smooth summer tunes accompany you every now and then over the next weeks and months. Oh, and don’t forget to also grab the man’s new compilation Too Slow To Disco Vol 3., out this Friday, June 30, via City Slang. Have a great summer, kids!