Intergalactic Lovers

The thing with a good pop song is, you can’t really argue against it. Especially when it’s based on solid musicality and charm like in the case of Belgian outfit INTERGALACTIC LOVERS. The biggest strength of the four-piece is the unobtrusiveness of their songs. And that’s a compliment. This year’s longplayer Little Heavy Burdens (which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION almost overlooked) is packed with sparkling little indie-pop diamonds that nest slowly but steady in your auditory canals once you’ve allow them to. The good side of it – even after listening to the album for weeks and months the tracks don’t get bored. And not many albums of 2014 have achieved that.

The miracle of instant irresistibility

The quality of INTERGALACTIC LOVERS comes from the sum of its single pieces. The band delivers solid songwriting somewhere between pop and folk-inspired elements. Plus, on top of it, the band got one argument to beat other competitors – Lara Chedraoui, one hell of a charismatic front woman. Get ready to fall in love with her kind art and get lost in her delicate voice and the sweet melancholia it surrounds. It’s the miracle of instant irresistibility and a great combination of all those single elements. The Belgian band is a perfect example on how the genre of pop music could work in a meaningful way once you get rid of all the plastic and lack of love.

The INTERGALACTIC LOVERS are full of this – love and authenticity (not plastic!). It’s about time that a bigger audience starts worshipping Mrs. Chedraoui and her band as well. We’re pretty sure that the Eurosonic Noorderslag will only be the start.

Eurosonic Noorderslag is the key exchange and networking platform for European music, with a proven track record for helping new acts to establish themselves in other countries. The event will take place from January 14 to 17.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will report once again from the event. You can read all future coverage right here.

Find more information and the full line-up on the event’s official homepage.