French Wave FestivalSummer is winding down and you’ve had your share of mega-festivals and gotten dirty and are tired of being in a tent next to thousands of other music fans in the baking hot sun. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is proud to present the anti-thesis to the giant festival: a two-day in-city festival dedicated to French music: the FRENCH WAVES FESTIVAL. What could be more refreshing?  Taking place at one of the best clubs to experience new bands in Berlin, Bii Nuu, September 26th and 27th, the FRENCH WAVES FESTIVAL promises to be a pop-laden musical sampling from the country that brought us “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.”

LESCOP will melt your heart with his dreamy tortured poet style, and his French version of late 80s BOWIE/NEW ORDER sound. LILLY WOOD AND THE PRICK tease us with eighties synth style pop, while SUPERBUS offer French lyrics over production that would please fans of the electro-infused songs from RIHANNA and TRULS alike.  CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS’ page claims “We accept you, one of us!” so go feel the love as they combine strings and electronics for some symphonic pop.  NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION favorites 1984 (read our interview right here) sound like something dark and British but with a loud rock n roll edge that can shake you out of the impending winter blues, and MESPARROW can surprise you with layered songs that start quietly and build to complex points.
If you feel like dancing, and being brought high and low by the latest in French rock, pop, and almost-electronic, be at Bii Nuu this September for the French Waves Festival. C’est magnifique, we expect.



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