Scottish formation Holy Esque has become one of our favourite new bands over the past ten years thanks to their emotional and intense post-punk/ dark wave vibes, often combined with haunting melodies and urgent lyrics. Even before their great 2016 debut album At Hope’s Ravine they fascinated us with their raw sound and we’ve been rooting for the group around charismatic singer Pat Hynes ever since. 2018’s follow-up album Television/Sweet saw them moving into even darker territory and we’re very excited to see what’s next for this band that is still way too underrated and should at least be on the same level like fellow Scottish colleagues The Twilight Sad by now. But, well, it’s never too late to discover these guys, trust us.

Before releasing their third full-length in 2021 Holy Esque took a little detour to the past and revisited songs from a session in early 2014 which took place at the STC Studios in Copenhagen. These four tracks never saw the light of day until right now and they spread a lot of the raw energy we originally fell in love with. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is not only debuting the CPH EP but is also got the chance to ask Mr. Hynes a few questions

It’s been two yeas since we last heard from you. What have you been up to during this time? 

We took some time away to focus on other parts of each other lives. I think time away from any kind of creative project is important. It let’s you step back and reassess what it is you want to say or achieve. So we did just that and now we’re back with a third album in the works and an EP release, just around the corner.

So, these songs you’re debuting today are actually from a totally different time, right? Why did you decide to pick them up right now?

Certain songs always seem to slip through the shuffling hands of a band. Wether it be down to an overload of music or something stronger taking it’s place, there always seems to be these songs. Overtime favourites appear, re-recordings emerge and demos are uncovered. These four songs, are four songs we have always wanted to release, though fate didn’t allow it, for whatever reason was presented at that time. With nothing now but time on our hands, we thought best to finally let them see light and share a momentary pause of joy, amongst all this sadness.

What’s your personal connection to these songs? What do they mean to you all these years later?

Memory, nostalgia, feeling, general joy. Each song has it’s own place and time in the history of Holy Esque. Each it’s own image or moment, in the timeline of our past. Beyond the emotion, we truly believe they are good songs from a bank of great music we want to share.

Six years later Holy Esque are still going, playing the independent rock game as good as possible. What has been the most challenging moments in all those years? Did you guys even thought about breaking up?

Success is of course the most challenging aspect of modern music. it’s a looming shadow on the back of all musicians and is only seeming to become worse. We have a strong bond and despite no major financial success, we remain a unit set out with the same initial goal: to make real music! Breaking up hasn’t been discussed because why would you? Far too much fun to be had!

The future sees a third studio album on the horizon. What can we musically expect from it?

Music to dance to.

Holy Esque‘s CPH is out on April 17 via Beyond The Frequency Records and you can already give it a spin today right here.