Two years after their impressive debut album At Hope’s Ravine we’re really thrilled to have Glaswegian post-punk outfit Holy Esque back with a follow-up this week, on June 8. And since we really enjoyed the first album you can probably imagine how honoured we are to give you an exclusive first peak of Television/Sweet today over here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. The sophomore full-length by the band around distinctive vocalist Pat Hynes follow the dark and frantic notion of its predecessor although it introduces more electronic elements into their sound and got a few more introspective moments as well this time.

Holy Esque take their sound deeper into the territory of desperate darkness and if you happen to love The Twilight Sad, Bauhaus, Echo And The Bunnymen and … sigh … Frightened Rabbit you will totally embrace that furious emotional rollercoaster. We also got the chance to ask Mr. Hynes a few quick questions right here:

A lot of bands try to keep the fire burning as long as they can following their first musical impact but you guys went for a communication radio silence for almost a year. How come?

‘We became totally enthralled by the second album and that process, so much so that nothing else seemed to matter. We were never interested in sharing our day to day lives through the lens of the band and that sentiment remains. A lot of bands would have tried to garner attention however they could but we knew we should wait. The online silence connects with themes in the album so it’s made sense.’

How different was the realization of this new album compared to the first one?

‘Completely. The first album was a much more traditional process wherein a band will write songs over their first three to four years and explode out of no where with what they feel are the best songs to that date. With this album it was much more clinical. The idea was born and grew. It’s a true progression.’

Tell us a bit about the themes that dominate Television/Sweet?

‘The album essentially explores the human experience in the digital age. That central theme was then pulled apart into different sub-sections such as the idea that we’re more connected than ever yet lonelier than ever as a result, internet personas, endless distractions of modern society, losing touch with reality and so on and so forth. They’re all topics I felt more people should be talking about.’

What would be the best scenario to hit the ‘Play’ button right here and enjoy this new record?

‘In a dark room without distraction. With volume, played from start to finish.’

Alright, folks. You heard the man. Lock the door, dim the light and enjoy this exclusive stream of the new Holy Esque record right here. And don’t forget to catch these guys on their upcoming tour. You won’t regret it.