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NBHAP Rating: 4,2/5


[one_half last=”yes”]HOWLING
Sacred Ground

Release-Date: 01.05.2015
Label: Monkeytown

01. Signs
02. Stole The Night
03. Interlude I
04. X Machina
05. Litmus
06. Zürich
07. Short Line
08. Quartz
09. Interlude II
10. Forest
11. Howling
12. Lullaby



Acoustic meets electronic

Finally, three years after having released their hyped summer- anthem Howling ( after which the duo in the end named themselves) , beloved Australian singer RY X ( known for his famous Berlin EP) and adventurous techno DJ Frank Wiedemann (one part of the techno duo ÂME) present their debut record Sacred Ground via Monkeytown Records. The twelve tracks are exactly what you expected them to be: an organic unity composed of restrained acoustic instruments, tender techno beats and warm melodies which cast a spell over you.

State of trance

FRANK WIEDMANN and RY X manage it to set you in a deep state of trance with their unique sound. The minimalistic songs need their time to develop themselves – for example the nine minutes long Lullaby which creates a great wall of sound in the end or the six minutes long Shortline, already known from RY X‘s solo-EP. This pleasant tardiness contributes to give Sacred Ground a mysterious and hypnotic character without any way of escape. The maximum seems to stay their famous track Howling which is restrained until almost the end of the record – an elaborated stroke to keep the listener in suspense.

The end of the night

HOWLING‘s Sacred Ground is the perfect soundtrack for the end of a night: the last minutes on the dancefloor after having a great club night, the way home after having seen your favourite band play or simply the moment before you go to bed and recall the fading day. It is music to be nostalgic, to be thankful, music to forget the world surrounding you. It makes you drift into a parallel universe where everything seems to be perfectly fitting together – a state of mind which you wish to never have an end.

With their debut album Sacred Ground the acoustic techno duo HOWLING manages it to create absorbing soundscapes which make you drift deeper and deeper into an abyssal trance which you wish to never end.