Kasper Bjørke - Press Photo 2014Let’s face it. House parties are definitely less entertaining when there’s no music. Or even bad music. And it doesn’t help the atmosphere either if nobody’s dancing at all. It just needs the right tunes and a certain amount of bravery to get the dancing started. One person which could be helpful with the right tunes is acclaimed Danish producer KASPER BJØRKE. For years now the man from Copenhagen delivers finest club-material between techno and pop while always having the right hand for the perfect groove. His upcoming album After Forever (out September the 26) might be another proof for this although it will feature the melancholic side of Mr. BJØRKE a bit stronger than previous records.

But still, he also remains a fan of dancing tunes. So what’s more fitting than asking him for his favourite disco grooves? Even better: for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION the musician selected, in his words, ‘Seven Songs that I would start dancing alone to at a private party.’ Expect some interesting choice in his selection right here.


01. William OnYearbor – ‘Atomic Bomb’

What a milestone. This is also one of my favorite songs to end a dj set with. Everyone smiles and the track has such an amazing and fun vibe.


02. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – ‘Speak Out’

Jaakko is one of my current favorite artists and he is also featuring on my album. And BIS is one of my favorite labels ever, so… there you have it. This song is such a hit, had it on my mind since I first heard it…

03. Metronomy – ‘I’m Aquarius’

I love the latest METRONOMY album and this one still stands out as one of my favorite songs of the past year. The production is amazing and I love the singers voice and the ‘shoob doob’ backing choir.

04. FKA Twigs – ‘Two Weeks’

I have been a fan of FKA TWIGS like so many others, since she started putting out songs. She is so amazing and unique – and its definitely a strong contender for both artist and album of the year for me.

05. Jamie XX – ‘All Under One Roof Raving’

So young and already written himself into the history books as one of the most influential producers of our time.

06. Blood Orange – ‘You’re not good enough’

Dev is one of my favorite songwriters and producers. This is also on the soundtrack he did to one of the new films I’m really looking forward to this year.

07. Pink Floyd – Obscured by Clouds

I’ve always been a huge PINK FLOYD fan, this is such a great instrumental track, and it still sounds fresh today even though its from 1972. Slow, dark dance.