melancholicmoments_featuredOh sweet, sweet autumn times. As the days get shorter, colder and the sunny moments become a rare occasion you can’t help but falling for sounds that support this atmosphere a bit more; at least that’s how feel when the harsh Western European winter slowly approaches. Melancholic music can have a supporting effect in those times and if you’ve been around with us for a while now you know that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION really enjoys moody and introspective music. It was about time that we finally collect some of our finest melancholic pieces of music into one big playlist – and here you got it: Melancholic Moments. 100 songs, 8 hours, packed with all your old and new soul-caressing favourites.

From the moody singer/songwriter talent of SUN KIL MOON, WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS and DAUGHTER to the powerful slowcore of LOW and MADRUGADA, from neo classic composers like ÓLAFUR ARNALDS to doom jazz mastermins BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE – there’s plenty of space in this selection for heart-wrenching sweetness, songs that make you forget the world outside. Celebrate loneliness and contemplation by surrendering to those carefully curated selection right here.

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